The Wordy Girls want you to tell your story. Join us for a workshop or a retreat and become a better writer.

Maybe you don’t think you’re a “real writer.” Maybe you’ve always viewed writing as a self-indulgent hobby, something you do only after you’ve gone to work, cleaned the house, walked the dog, and taken the car in for service. Maybe you feel like no one would be interested in your stories. Maybe you think the publishing business is so competitive that your voice would never be heard. Maybe you’ve never felt supported in your writing.

Join the Wordy Girls for a class, workshop, or retreat, and we’ll change your attitude about writing. You’ll work hard with a group of smart and funny women who believe in the power of a nurturing and educational writing environment.

~ who we are ~


Looking for a place to write with like-minded women? Join us for a long weekend at our relaxing Desert Hot Springs casita or our Wild West weekend in Virginia City. Two and a half days of classes, events, and writing camaraderie will leave you inspired.



If you can't make it to one of our sessions, the Wordy Girls can help you with your manuscript, essay, or article. Let's take your project to the next level.

Join us in Desert Hot Springs


Dates for The Wordy Girl Weekend in Desert Hot Springs will be announced soon. Plan for a warm-weather winter kick off with wine and hors d'oeuvres and a craft talk, followed by two days of workshops on writing memoir, travel articles, and food stories, plus a 3-hour session on how to prepare your work for publishers, agents, or self-publishing. Plus, join us for a nature walk in a native California fan palm preserve!      


Join us in Virginia City, NV

The Wordy Girl Travel & Adventure Writing Weekend will be held in the beautiful mansion that houses St. Mary’s Art Center in the historic town of Virginia City, an old silver mining town that is now haunted by more wild horses than ghosts—a place where the arts meet the Wild West. Dates to be announced.

Join us for a workshop in South Lake Tahoe.


If you're interested in a short session to hone your craft, try one of our Wordy Girl Workshops. We'll offer a class tailored to your needs in memoir, poetry, fiction, and publishing. Check out our full schedule here and sign up now!



The Wordy Girls can help you!

Looking for a writing coach or a manuscript evaluation? Let Wordy Girls help. We have written and published magazine articles, essays, and books. We know the business inside out, and can solve any problem you might have.

I am inspired, intimidated, and intrigued by what’s about to happen next,
and that is the gift of an excellent teacher.
~Bridey Heidel